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Experience summary

Floating on the river and drinking beer—it’s a dream come true, we know.  We created the first of these “river/pub” experiences where you can relax, take in the scenery, enjoy time with friends, consume a favorite beverage, and feel the flow of the river below you.   Sitting around our custom designed pub bar the space feels familiar, like your local, “where everybody knows your name” kind of pub. But when you get a little splash from the river and look around you quickly remember this is not Cheers and not your local pub. You are on a raft floating down the majestic Rogue River.

The afternoon float is a refreshing experience, enjoying the middle of the day.

The sunset float is very arguably the most beautiful time of day on the river.  Watch the sun dip out of the sky from the vantage point of the river.  The crowds are gone, the wildlife is out, the heat of the day has passed.

Important: Included in the price of your float are 2 16oz brews or one 16oz can of wine.  You can purchase another beer for $6.  No other alcohol is allowed. These beverages are provided by Weekend Beer Company in Grants Pass.

Please feel free to bring your own food.  Food is not provided on the float.

COVID-19 and 2020 trips.  All trips in 2020 will be for private groups.  Book the boat and go with your pod of people.  Boat booking has a 6 person minimum and then you can add until you are up to 10 people.


Rates & Dates

Days of the week

Wednesday and Thursday – Trips meet The Torpedo Bar in Merlin Oregon

Friday-Sunday trips meet at Weekend Beer Company in Grants Pass.

Trip Times
Afternoon Trip: 12:30pm-4:00pm
Sunsetter: 5:00pm-8:00pm After August 16th, 4:15-7:30pm


2020 Price: ALL trips this year are private groups.


Base Price for up to 6 people – $549

Add up to 4 more people for $89 per person.

*Must be 21 years of age to attend this trip.

How to dress:

Our boat does have a sun-shade but hot days are still warm. The river wind combined with the little splashes and the sun shade typically keep things comfortable. On the sunset float or cooler days, we recommend bringing a jacket just in case. Even with our sun-shade, sunscreen and hats are advised. A little splashing may occur on this trip so wear clothing you will be comfortable in if it becomes a little wet. Your feet are likely to get wet, so sandals are recommended.

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Afternoon Float 12:30 PM to 4:00 PM Sunset Float 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Wednesday and Thursday trips meet at the Torpedo Bar in Merlin Oregon.  210 Merlin Road, Merlin, OR. 97532.

Friday-Sunday trips meet at Weekend Beer Company. 550 SW 6th st.  Grants Pass, OR.

Please pre-order your beverages for all Wednesday and Thursday trips.  Friday-Sunday trips you can pre-order your beverages or arrive 30+ minutes early to sample beverages.

The Torpedo Bar/Orange Torpedo Trips

Weekend beer company

The Torpedo Bar is part of Orange Torpedo Trips

  • Meet for your trip

    Arrive at the Torpedo Bar, Southern Oregon’s premier outdoor patio bar or Weekend Beer Company, Grants Pass’s hottest brewery hangout. When you arrive go up to the counter at the bar to check in for the trip.  The person working at the counter will be able to get you all checked in and start the process of choosing your beverages if not pre-selected.


  • Load into the van.

    When everyone has their beverages in hand, you’ll head outside and load into the van. The group will travel to our launch point on the Rogue River. At the river, the guide will give a brief orientation on the boat and our river travel before everyone loads up, the back rests are put in place, and we start our two-hour float down the beautiful Rogue River.

  • Head down the river.

    Once floating, our server will get everyone a pint glass for you to fill with your personal beverage out of the cooler. Once your beer is poured feel free to pull out your food or just sit back, take in the surroundings, enjoy your friends and love where you are. Half-way through the trip we will stop at a local park for a bathroom break.

  • Arrive at the takeout.

    After about 7-river-miles, a few small rapids, and hopefully a few pints, the group arrives at the takeout for the trip. When everyone has made it off the raft the group will load into the van and return to either Weekend Beer Company or The Torpedo Bar.

The Torpedo Bar

The Torpedo Bar is a converted shipping container behind a historic southern Oregon rafting company, Orange Torpedo Trips.  River running is in our blood and the bar was built so those coming off the river could have a place to hangout and wind down the day.  Some place where flip flops are not only accepted, but appreciated making this the perfect place to start your Paddled Pub adventure.  For those on an afternoon trip, the Torpedo Bar is also a perfect place to grab dinner and settle in with friends after your afternoon floating the Rogue.

Weekend Beer Company

Weekend Beer Company is about living your weekend every day of the week. It’s your place to hang out, watch some sports, play a board game, and enjoy quality craft beer. We have snacks and non-alcoholic beverages on hand, and encourage you to support other local restaurants by ordering in, or bring a picnic! We have food trucks featured regularly and are family friendly till 9pm.

The Paddled Pub raft.

The Boat

Working with SOTAR Manufacturing, the world’s premier raft builder, (who happens to be local in Southern Oregon), we designed a 20-foot raft with a custom frame designed for sitting around a pub style bar while floating. Our raft is navigated by a skilled oarsman on a stern frame in the back of the boat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to wear a PFD?
A. Yes, during the float you will be required to wear a class III inflatable personal floatation device which we will provide.

Q. Can I swim during the trip?
A. No, at no time during the trip will you be permitted to swim.

Q. Can I bring something besides beer?
A. Please feel free to arrive with water or other non-alcoholic beverages. At this time any alcoholic beverage taken on the trip needs to be purchased from, and contained for travel, at the Torpedo Bar or Weekend Beer Company.  This is included in the cost of your trip.  No spirits are allowed on the boat.

Q. Can we bring food?

A. Yes, please bring a meal for you and your friends.  No food is provided.

Q. What if I need to go to the bathroom mid-trip?
A. Just shy of halfway through the trip we pull over at a local park for a quick bathroom stop.